Club Man Set Up Stands

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BeckEd Racing has developed a new Set Up Stand Kit designed with the same accuracy and precision as other products on the market, but for a more affordable cost.

Set up stands have proven to be more accurate and precise when setting vehicle geometry.

Ride Heights, Toe, Camber, are all able to be adjusted without the need for wheels and tyres to be fitted to the vehicle. This allows for easier access, improved accuracy and eliminates the need for rolling the vehicle back and forth to “settle” the vehicle.

 Custom logos can also be engraved ( please contact at the time of your order )

Please Note, As every item is custom made, please allow 15-20working days from order for your shipment to arrive


Kit Includes :

4x Set Up Plates machined to your wheel height and stud pattern.

4 sets of Toe Stubs

4 Toe Bars for measuring from when doing wheel alignment.