Pro Line 17-19 Inch Set Up Stands (Clear)

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Introducing the New BeckEd Racing Pro-Line Set Up Stands.

Designed for vehicles with large offset wheels such as GT3/LMP/Touring Cars.

Our Pro Line Stands are Ride Height adjustable for wheels between 17-19 inch, allowing you to take ride height measurements whist using set up stands.

Each order comes with x4 wheel hub adapters to suit a vehicle of your choice. This also means that additional vehicle adaptors can be purchased, eliminating the need for 2 sets of stands and allowing you to switch to different car applications.

The Pro-line also feature 3 ball roller transfer units per stand, giving you as little resistance as possible.

Set up stands have proven to be more accurate and precise when setting vehicle geometry.

Ride Heights, Toe, Camber, are all able to be adjusted without the need for wheels and tyres to be fitted to the vehicle. This allows for easier access, improved accuracy and eliminates the need for rolling the vehicle back and forth to “settle” the vehicle.

Custom Logo engraving is also available FOC- please contact us as at time of order.

Please Note:

This option is for a bare aluminum finish. Anodized finish is available , please see our other listing on the products page.

As every item is custom made, please allow 15-20 working days from order for your shipment to arrive.

If we do not have your vehicle of choice in our options , please email us as we can arrange these being made.

Kit Includes:

4x Hub Stand

4x Base Plate

4x Hub Adaptors

Max Load :520kg(per unit)

Material :6063 Aluminum

Weight : 9Kg-15kg per unit depending on vehicle adaptor.